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About Us
We at SPECTRAchutesÓ, make our parachutes custom, for you, to your order.   

We are a small family business located in Colorado, U.S.A.

You select the colors!
You select the placement order of colors!

Some popular color combinations are in stock now!
Please see our "In Stock Items" page for more information.  

Please e-mail us with your favorite combinations at  favorites@spectrachutes.com.

SPECTRAchutesÓ are best described as an elliptical or a flattened hemispherical design.
This design has a higher drag figure than a hemispherical `chute.
All `chutes are built with a stabilizing “spill hole”.
This will allow for a straighter descent with out the typical oscillation and
line tangling as on some `chutes.

We have been making parachutes, streamers and recovery system components for over 14 years for
the rocket community and U.A.V. Manufacturers.

To e-mail the Web master:   spectra@frii.com

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